Crown Jewels secure 1st Arlington Rooms Curry and Quiz night title

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Last night was the first, hopefully of many, Curry and Quiz Night at the Arlington Rooms in Leigh on Sea. After a hard day of work, the dedicated staff of Crown headed over to the Arlington, to enjoy a delicious curry before the quiz commenced.

The team name? The Crown Jewels… and there were certainly some bright gems shining on the table last night. Consisting of Crown Staff Karen, Nichola, Sue and Rob, with a little helping of Jon, Ian and Hugh, the whole team performed like a well-oiled machine.

With Nichola taking up the role of scribe, the first round showed that each member was equally as knowledgeable in the fields Music, Geography, Food and Drink, Art and Literature and Trivia. No team member remained silent, there was input from everyone for each answer. Rob came through in the geography and tech round, whilst Karen, Jon, Ian and Sue knew every music question that came their way.

Along came the Logo and Picture rounds after the team excelled in the first round. The team’s confidence dipped whilst attempting to identify the logos and celebrities on the page, however, Jon, Karen and Nichola seemed to be confident in most of their answers for the celeb pics, whilst Sue, Ian and Rob could identify most of the logos.

Finally, the music intros round. With the help of the team’s youngest member, Hugh, and Nichola identifying the first track, the team got off to a flying start. Everyone in the team knew the answers and could identify the tracks from just a short snippet of the song.

All in all, the team had fun and enjoyed the entire night. The competition was fierce but Crown pulled through to win! Congratulations to our staff and everyone who joined in the fun. Each member of the winning team took home a bottle of wine to enjoy, courtesy of the Arlington Rooms.

We most definitely will be back for the next one, to hold our title!

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