Multi Channel & Digital Marketer

The Multi-Channel/Digital Marketer apprenticeship is a new level 3 programme launching in December 2023, unifying two previous apprenticeships into a newly designed, consolidated standard.

This programme is ideal for those working in a marketing role within a business that needs to distribute messages or raise awareness of a brand across both digital and traditional marketing channels and platforms. This includes social media, search engine, email and content marketing.

Who are marketing apprenticeships designed for?

  • Individuals with a keen interest into beginning a career in marketing and requiring the knowledge and skills to become proficient in the role

  • Individuals with a responsibility for coordinating and delivering specific marketing activities within a business

  • Those with some experience of marketing but seeking to expand on that to learn new substantive skills and knowledge

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Course Levels

Multi-Channel Marketer Level 3

This level 3 programme is suitable for anyone working within a marketing role or holding marketing responsibilities within their business who would benefit from learning and consolidating their knowledge and skills in this areas to carry out the role more effectively. This programme covers:

  • Business and organisation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing methods
  • Branding
  • Customer journey and experience
  • Communications
  • Campaign research, planning, management and analysis
  • IT and digital tools
  • Regulations and legislation
  • Budgeting
  • Content marketing and copywriting

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