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Apprenticeships in Housing and Property Management

With more people in the UK choosing to rent, the private sector lettings industry is in high demand. Estimates suggest 60% of privately owned homes are managed by property agents with the industry now worth over £6billion.

Social Housing is managed by Local Authorities and Housing Associations (for example). The rules and regulations are complex, but the career is interesting and rewarding.

Crown Vocational Training is one of the few providers of the Housing and Property Management Apprenticeships.  We have over 20 years’ experience of delivering apprenticeships in this sector so we can help support the building of knowledge and skills required for a successful career.

How are these programmes delivered?

  • Housing and Property Management programmes are delivered through a series of live workshops delivered online, supported by a learning platform with access to a range of resources. One-to-one support is provided by our expert tutors. The Housing and Property Management Apprentice is supported throughout the programme until End Point Assessment has been completed.

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Course Levels

Housing and Property Management Assistant (Level 2)

The Housing and Property Management Assistant apprenticeship is designed for those new to the industry, often in a first job, who support the team with general administrative duties and will start to take a more active role towards the end of the 12–15-month apprenticeship. The syllabus includes (for example):

  • Introduction to legislation and codes of practice in letting and property management
  • Maintaining safety and security of people, property and information
  • Progressing customer enquiries and providing information
  • How to work effectively in a team providing property services
  • Understanding the community and how to respond to vulnerable customers
  • Developing professional behaviours appropriate to the property industry

Housing and Property Management (Level 3)

The Housing and Property Manager Apprenticeship is ideal for those who have some knowledge of the property industry and know this is a career they wish to pursue. Experience in property services is useful, although not a requirement if there is some experience of working with customers from another sector. The length of the programme is 18 to 24 months (depending on experience). The syllabus includes (for example):

  • Legislation and regulation and how this applies to housing standards, termination of tenancies, contracts, data protection and other relevant areas
  • Developing customer service skills to deal with a range of customer needs
  • How to respond to vulnerability
  • Working collaboratively with other colleagues, departments/agencies
  • Influencing and negotiating skills which may include creating tenancies/extending tenancies/ending tenancies
  • Understanding the context of the area in terms of private rentals/social housing/supply and demand and how this influences the service offer
  • Carrying out property inspections
  • Understanding the organisation/business aims and objectives
Course Levels
Course Levels

Senior Housing and Property Management (Level 4)

The Senior Housing and Property Manager will have considerable experience working within the industry. They will hold a senior role, or about to hold a senior role, within the organisation and be responsible for the management of resources/projects and must have sufficient authority to make decisions. The length of the programme is 18 to 24 months depending on experience. The syllabus includes (for example):

  • Understanding and interpreting legislation covering an extended range of services
  • Understanding and interpreting business planning, financial risk, organisational values and structure
  • Understanding strategy and contributing to overall performance of the organisation
  • Understanding historical context and current trends in the housing and property markets
  • Understanding and providing advice and guidance on a range of services
  • Providing leadership in the delivery of excellent customer service
  • Performance management and taking the lead on projects
  • People management, leading, motivating and developing individuals
  • Decision making and prioritising

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