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Apprenticeships in Customer Service

A good customer service experience is essential for the success of any business.  As customer expectations rise, so does the demand for service specialists who can enhance a business’ reputation and increase its profitability.

We offer two customer service programmes, Customer Service Practitioner and Customer Service Specialist.

Customer Service programmes are delivered through a series of live workshops delivered online, supported by a learning platform with access to a range of resources. One-to-one support is provided by our expert tutors.  The Customer Service Apprentice is supported throughout the programme until End Point Assessment has been completed.

Who are Customer Service Apprenticeships designed for?

  • For those who like working with people, enjoy interaction and providing what customers need

  • For those who want to gain outstanding customer service skills which will provide the foundation for a career across a wide range of industries

  • For those currently working for a company who might have taken on additional customer service responsibilities and are looking to enhance their skills

  • For anyone who wants to understand how to retain customers and improve business reputation

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Course Levels

Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship

The Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship introduces the principles of good customer service. The role of the Customer Service Practitioner is to deliver high quality products/services to the customers of the organisation. The Customer Service Practitioner is often the first point of contact and their actions will influence the customer experience. This is an ideal role for those new to role in a customer facing industry. The syllabus includes (for example):

  • How to provide a high-quality service to customers
  • How to solve problems for customers and provide continuing customer care
  • How to gain insight into the customer experience by measuring customer satisfaction
  • Knowing the appropriate rules and regulations of the industry
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities
  • Dealing with conflicts and challenges
  • Personal organisation, teamwork and good communication skills

Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeship

The Customer Service Specialist Apprentice is an expert in the organisation’s products and/or services. They are often the escalation point for more complicated or ongoing problems. The Customer Service Specialist Apprentice will gather and analyse data and customer information that influences change and improvements in service. The Customer Service Specialist Apprentice could be working in a range of industries where customer service is of the highest importance for business reputation, or where companies want to introduce an environment of continuous improvement. The syllabus includes (for example):

  • Understanding the meaning of continuous improvement
  • Understanding business strategy
  • Understanding a range of leadership styles and how to apply in a customer service environment
  • Understand and critically evaluate the customer journey
  • Knowledge and understanding of regulations governing the industry
  • Working effectively and collaboratively with colleagues at all levels
  • The importance of adaptability to customer needs
  • Being proactive and creative when identifying solutions to customer problems
  • Manage and implement a customer service improvement project
Course Levels

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