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It’s a common misconception when you hear the term “apprenticeships” – many believe that they are just for those leaving school or college. And while that that may certainly have been the case in years gone by, often as a way of getting into a particular trade, it’s definitely not true nowadays.

Apprenticeships are appropriate for most people, those already in employment but with less than twelve months of experience and those starting out afresh in the industry. In fact, almost half of Crown Vocational Training’s learners starting in the last year have been existing employees looking upskill their knowledge and skills in their particular sector.

It’s often the case that even though an employee may know the fundamental parts of their job role to perform on a daily basis, they may not be fully understand the broader intricacies of the industry or have the depth of knowledge to become experts in their field. This is where an apprenticeship programme can be particularly useful.

For example, you may employ an experienced individual who may be keen to expand their knowledge and gain a formal qualification in their specialist area, something which benefits both you as the employer and the individual also. In the HR sector, this may be gaining an accreditation from CIPD or, as an estate agent, it may be to achieve NAEA membership with Propertymark.

There can be many other benefits of utilising the apprenticeship system to upskill your workforce which include filling key skill gaps that there may be within the business, boosting employee motivation by investing in their development and improving retention of staff.

Remember that apprenticeship standards have been designed by a group of trailblazer employers in each sector so should reflect the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours required to become an effective and impactful member of staff.

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