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Traineeships have been around for several years now, but not so much is known about these programmes as opposed to apprenticeships. The government are soon to be releasing details of incentive opportunities for employers who wish to support a young person in a work placement and could be as much as £1,000 per trainee. But what exactly is a traineeship and what are the benefits of getting involved?


What is a ‘Traineeship’?

A traineeship is a learning scheme ranging between 6 weeks to 6 months in which a young person can combine college learning and an extended work placement all in one easy to access programme. Students who enrol will be partnered with an employer who will support them with valuable work experience through a placement several days a week. Students will also have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the workplace which will guide them with their decisions after the duration of the programme. There will be a college element to the course where they will receive support and guidance from a dedicated tutor who will teach them valuable work skills including customer service, administration and business skills which will aid learners in their future careers.

Why is a Traineeship beneficial to me?

As a student, you will get first-hand experience of the working environment from a range of different sectors of your choice. You will have a collaborative experience of work placement and college support where you will learn a variety of skills that will guide you throughout the course and make you successful in securing employment in the near future. Some of our past trainees have stayed on with their work placement and progressed into an apprenticeship and into full-time work.

As an employer, you will have the benefit of receiving assistance for your business from an enthusiastic and driven individual who will grasp at the opportunity of gaining valuable experience to aid their future development. Government incentives also present the opportunity to benefit financially from the traineeship programme. You will be at the forefront of training the new generation of the British workforce by presenting a young person with a fantastic opportunity to work, hone and develop their professional skills set.


Overall, Traineeships are a fantastic opportunity for any young person who is ready for work but might be at a disadvantage by not having any experience under their belt. Young people have so much to offer a place of employment, but they just need that initial opportunity to really shine and prove their worth. Traineeships present a route followed by career progression and personal development, so it is well worth taking up the opportunity.

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