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So, if you weren’t aware, it’s National Apprenticeship week 2021. As a training provider we pretty much speak about apprenticeships every minute of everyday, so we know a lot when it comes to their delivery and benefits. We are lucky enough to have some employers who return to us on a regular basis to provide training for their staff; whether it’s a new recruit or for existing staff. Apprenticeship training is available for anyone aged between 16 -60+, and it doesn’t have to be only for those who are new to your company. Funding is available for existing staff who may not have any formal qualifications or just want to improve on their professional development. We are here to break the apprenticeship taboo and apprentices add diversity to your workforce and are a long-term but worthwhile investment for your business.

Why should you employ an apprentice?

For some employers, the idea of bringing an apprentice into their business can be a bit daunting, however it needn’t be. There are many advantages to recruiting an apprentice to your business, such as:

  • the addition of an apprentice into your company will bring diversity and fresh ideas into your team. Having a diverse workforce can help with team dynamics in a great way;
  • the opportunity to mentor and help develop a young person on their professional, working journey can be an extremely fulfilling experience. We have had many of our employers explore the apprenticeship route time and time again, over a number of years because they can see how rewarding the experience can be for both themselves and their staff;
  • There are currently government incentives available for recruiting someone new to the business – potentially up to £3000. These incentives are limited, however, until 31st March 2021


Why use Crown?

  • Although we are small, we are mighty! We have a great workforce, all of whom have a vast amount of experience and understanding of apprenticeship teaching and delivery. All our teaching staff have industry competence, so they certainly know what they’re talking about. There is always someone in the office who can answer your questions!
  • Our onboarding system is simple. Once you have someone in mind to start the apprenticeship programme with, there are only a few documents to complete and we can the ball rolling. We are here to support you through the entire process, right up until the completion
  • We are here to support you no matter what. Whether it’s your first or your tenth apprentice, we appreciate that things are changing constantly so we are always happy to answer any queries you may have. Our tutors don’t just support the apprentice, they are your point of contact as well.
  • We have excellent achievement rates for the outcomes of our programmes; for example, we have a 100% achievement rate for our Junior Estate Agent programme – 88% of those learners achieving a distinction.


Crown are proud of our successes with our apprentices and employers; as we said, we work with many who return to us for their training. We are passionate about our programmes and offering quality training that will impact your business in a positive way, so why not get in touch with us to start your apprenticeship recruitment journey.

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