Plans approved to award UCAS points for level 3 apprenticeships

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Plans have been approved to officially award UCAS points for level three apprenticeships from September 2024.

Completion of apprenticeships has long presented difficulties for individuals seeking to progress on to degree level programmes as no official status or tariff was awarded for the apprenticeship achieved but that will change from this year.

From this September, people completing a level three apprenticeship could be awarded up to 112 UCAS points to apply to universities, dependant on the length of their apprenticeship programme.

The introduction of a points tariff model will help higher education institutions to better compare apprenticeships programmes with other post-16 qualifications already recognised in their admissions processes, positioning apprenticeships alongside A-levels, T-levels and other level three programmes of study.

UCAS has baselined level three achievement so that a two-year apprenticeship will be considered the equivalent to three grade C A-levels and thus worth 96 UCAS points. Apprenticeships lasting less than two years will reach a lower tariff of between 48 and 64 UCAS points.

Source: UCAS/FE Week

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